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... celebrating the 101st birthday of Paul Erdős

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Memphis is pleased to announce the 2014 Paul Erdős Lecture Series, a conference held each year in honor of the department's long relationship with Paul Erdős, and this year in celebration of his 101st birthday.

Combinatorics and graph theory have been active research areas in the Department of Mathematical Sciences since the early 1970's. When Paul Erdős, the most famous combinatorialist of the twentieth century, learned that the Ramsey number for any pair of cycles had been determined by the Memphis group, he immediately expressed an interest in visiting the Mathematics department and working with members of this group. During the 23 year period of the Erdős visits to Memphis, approximately 50 different papers were written with him and faculty in the department.

Erdős 2014 Poster

The 2014 Erdős Lecturer

An important component of the Lecture Series is the Erdős Lecture given by an internationally renowned scholar who has made important contributions in graph theory and combinatorics. The Erdős Lecture this year will be given by Fields Medalist, Enrico Bombieri.

"Recent progress on Prime Numbers and Sieves"

Enrico Bombieri (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

Abstract: The theory of prime numbers has seen very recently memorable progress with the astonishing solution of the problem of existence of infinitely many prime pairs with bounded gap, obtained independently by Yitang Zhang and James Maynard. This lecture will give a bit of the history of the problem, a description of the progress in obtaining better and better sieving tools and a quick outline of new ideas in the works by Zhang and Maynard.

Contact/Additional Information

This site should provide all of the necessary details related to this year's conference. Please contact Tricia Simmons either by email at or by telephone at (901) 678-5610 with requests for additional information.

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