My current teaching is focused on teachers, in particular in-service and pre-service high school teachers, and pre-service elementary school teachers.

Tigers Teach

I am the Co-Director of Tigers Teach, the University of Memphis’ Mathematics and Science Teacher Preparation Program. For further information please consult the Tigers Teach webpage.

Masters of Science in Mathematics with a Concentration in the Teaching of Mathematics

I am the Director of our Masters of Science in Mathematics with a Concentration in the Teaching of Mathematics.

My teaching in this program is supported by a generous grant from the Educational Advancement Foundation.

Click here for further information on the program.

Mathematics for Elementary Education

Since Spring 2010 I have been teaching our two course sequence for our Teaching All Learners (Elementary Education and Special Education) majors from the College of Education. These courses focus on pedagogical content knowledge for teaching mathematics at grades K-6. We are using the original Singapore Mathematics curriculum through the US Editions of the Primary Math series. This focuses considerable attention on the natural language acquisition of mathematics through word problems and and on a concrete > pictorial > abstract approach.

I use this curriculum together with the Mathematics Task Framework for my professional development workshops for teachers.

Students in my current classes may access class materials here or via myMemphis.