Journal of Applied Functional Analysis
Editorial Board
Associate Editors

Editor in-Chief:
George A.Anastassiou
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Memphis
Memphis,TN 38152,USA
901-678-3144 office
901-678-2482 secretary
901-751-3553 home
901-678-2480 Fax
Approximation Theory,Inequalities,Probability,
Wavelet,Neural Networks,Fractional Calculus

Associate Editors:

1) Francesco Altomare
Dipartimento di Matematica
Universita' di Bari
Via E.Orabona,4
70125 Bari,ITALY
Tel+39-080-5442690 office
+39-080-3944046 home
+39-080-5963612 Fax
Approximation Theory, Functional Analysis,
Semigroups and Partial Differential Equations,
Positive Operators.

2) Angelo Alvino
Dipartimento di Matematica e Applicazioni 
"R.Caccioppoli" Complesso 
Universitario Monte S. Angelo
Via Cintia
80126 Napoli,ITALY
+39(0)81 675680,
Rearrengements, Partial Differential Equations.

3) Catalin Badea
UFR Mathematiques,Bat.M2,
Universite de Lille1
Cite Scientifique
F-59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq,France
Fax (+33)(0)
Approximation Theory, Functional 
Analysis, Operator Theory.

4) Erik J.Balder
Mathematical Institute
Universiteit Utrecht
P.O.Box 80 010
The Netherlands
Tel.+31 30 2531458
Fax+31 30 2518394
Control Theory, Optimization,
Convex Analysis, Measure Theory,
Applications to Mathematical 
Economics and Decision Theory.

5) Carlo Bardaro
Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Universita di Perugia
Via Vanvitelli 1
06123 Perugia, ITALY
Web site:
Functional Analysis and Approximation Theory,
Signal Analysis, Measure Theory, Real Analysis.

6) Heinrich Begehr
Freie Universitaet Berlin
I. Mathematisches Institut, FU Berlin,
Arnimallee 3,D 14195 Berlin
Tel. +49-30-83875436, office
   +49-30-83875374, Secretary
Fax +49-30-83875403
Complex and Functional Analytic 
Methods in PDEs, Complex Analysis,
History of Mathematics.

7) Fernando Bombal
Departamento de Analisis Matematico
Universidad Complutense
Plaza de Ciencias,3
28040 Madrid, SPAIN
Tel.  +34 91 394 5020
Fax  +34 91 394 4726
Operators on Banach spaces,
Tensor products of Banach spaces,
Polymeasures, Function spaces.

8) Michele Campiti
Department of Mathematics "E.De Giorgi"
University of Lecce
P.O. Box 193
Tel.  +39 0832 297 432
Fax  +39 0832 297 594
Approximation Theory,
Semigroup Theory, Evolution problems,
Differential Operators.

9)Domenico Candeloro
Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Universita degli Studi di Perugia
Via Vanvitelli 1
06123 Perugia
Tel  +39(0)75 5855038
   +39(0)75 5853822,
   +39(0)744 492936
Fax  +39(0)75 5855024
Functional Analysis, Function spaces,
Measure and Integration Theory in 
Riesz spaces.

10) Pietro Cerone
School of Computer Science and 
Mathematics, Faculty of Science,
Engineering and Technology,
Victoria University
Melbourne,VIC 8001,AUSTRALIA
Tel  +613 9688 4689
Fax  +613 9688 4050
Approximations, Inequalities,
Measure/Information Theory,
Numerical Analysis, Special Functions.

11)Michael Maurice Dodson
Department of Mathematics
University of York,
York YO10 5DD, UK
Tel   +44 1904 433098
Fax  +44 1904 433071
Harmonic Analysis and Applications to 
Signal Theory,Number Theory and 
Dynamical Systems.

12) Sever S.Dragomir
School of Computer Science and 
Mathematics, Victoria University,
PO Box 14428,
Melbourne City,
Tel.  +61 3 9688 4437
Fax  +61 3 9688 4050
Inequalities,Functional Analysis,
Numerical Analysis, Approximations,
Information Theory, Stochastics.

13) Paulo J.S.G.Ferreira
Department of Electronica e 
Universidade de Aveiro
3810-193 Aveiro
Tel  +351-234-370-503
Fax  +351-234-370-545
Sampling and Signal Theory, 
Approximations, Applied Fourier Analysis,
Wavelet, Matrix Theory.

14) Gisele Ruiz Goldstein
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Memphis
Memphis,TN 38152,USA.
Tel  901-678-2513
Fax  901-678-2480
PDEs, Mathematical Physics,
Mathematical Geophysics.

15) Jerome A.Goldstein
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Memphis
Memphis,TN 38152,USA
Tel  901-678-2484
Fax  901-678-2480
PDEs,Semigroups of Operators, 
Fluid Dynamics,Quantum Theory.

16) Heiner Gonska
Institute of Mathematics
University of Duisburg-Essen
Lotharstrasse 65
D-47048 Duisburg
Tel  +49 203 379 3542
Fax  +49 203 379 1845
Approximation and Interpolation Theory, 
Computer Aided Geometric Design,

17) Karlheinz Groechenig
Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry,
GSF-National Research Center 
for Environment and Health 
Ingolstaedter Landstrasse 1
D-85764 Neuherberg,Germany.
Tel 49-(0)-89-3187-2333
Fax 49-(0)-89-3187-3369
Time-Frequency Analysis, Sampling Theory,
Banach spaces and Applications, 
Frame Theory.

18) Vijay Gupta
School of Applied Sciences
Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
Sector 3 Dwarka
New Delhi 110075, India
Approximation Theory

19) Weimin Han
Department of Mathematics
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1419
Numerical analysis, Finite element method,
Numerical PDE, Variational inequalities,
Computational mechanics

20) Tian-Xiao He
Department of Mathematics and 
Computer Science
P.O.Box 2900,Illinois Wesleyan University
Bloomington,IL 61702-2900,USA
Tel (309)556-3089
Fax (309)556-3864
Approximations,Wavelet, Integration Theory,
Numerical Analysis, Analytic Combinatorics.

21) Don Hong
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Middle Tennessee State University
1301 East Main St. 
Room 0269, Blgd KOM
Murfreesboro, TN 37132-0001
Tel (615) 904-8339
Approximation Theory,Splines,Wavelet,
Stochastics, Mathematical Biology Theory.

22) Hubertus Th. Jongen
Department of Mathematics
RWTH Aachen
Templergraben 55
52056 Aachen
Tel  +49 241 8094540
Fax  +49 241 8092390
Parametric Optimization, Nonconvex
Optimization, Global Optimization.

23) Nikolaos B.Karayiannis
Department of Electrical and 
Computer Engineering
N308 Engineering Building 1
University of Houston
Houston,Texas 77204-4005
Tel  (713) 743-4436
Fax  (713) 743-4444
Neural Network Models, Learning 
Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.

24) Theodore Kilgore
Department of Mathematics
Auburn University
221 Parker Hall,
Auburn University
Alabama 36849,USA
Tel  (334) 844-4620
Fax  (334) 844-6555
Real Analysis,Approximation Theory,
Computational Algorithms.

25) Jong Kyu Kim
Department of Mathematics
Kyungnam University
Masan Kyungnam,631-701,Korea
Tel  82-(55)-249-2211
Fax  82-(55)-243-8609
Nonlinear Functional Analysis,Variational 
Inequalities,Nonlinear Ergodic Theory,
ODE,PDE,Functional Equations.

26) Robert Kozma
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152  USA
Neural Networks, Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces,
Neural Perculation Theory

27) Miroslav Krbec
Mathematical Institute
Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic
Zitna 25
CZ-115 67 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Tel  +420 222 090 743
Fax  +420 222 211 638
Function spaces,Real Analysis,Harmonic 
Analysis,Interpolation and
Extrapolation Theory,Fourier Analysis.

28) V. Lakshmikantham
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, FL 32901
Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, 
Hybrid Systems, Nonlinear Analysis

29) Peter M.Maass
Center for Industrial Mathematics
Universitaet Bremen
MZH 2250,
28359 Bremen
Tel  +49 421 218 9497
Fax  +49 421 218 9562
Inverse problems,Wavelet Analysis and 
Operator Equations,Signal and Image

30) Julian Musielak
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Adam Mickiewicz University
Ul.Umultowska 87
61-614 Poznan
Tel  (48-61) 829 54 71
Fax  (48-61) 829 53 15
Functional Analysis, Function Spaces, 
Approximation Theory,Nonlinear Operators.

31) Gaston M. N'Guerekata
Department of Mathematics
Morgan State University
Baltimore, MD 21251, USA
tel:: 1-443-885-4373
Fax 1-443-885-8216
Nonlinear Evolution Equations,
Abstract Harmonic Analysis,
Fractional Differential Equations,
Almost Periodicity & Almost Automorphy.

32) Vassilis Papanicolaou
Department of Mathematics
National Technical University of Athens
Zografou campus, 157 80
Athens, Greece
tel:: +30(210) 772 1722
Fax  +30(210) 772 1775
Partial Differential Equations,

33) Pier Luigi Papini
Dipartimento di Matematica
Piazza di Porta S.Donato 5
40126 Bologna
Fax  +39(0)51 582528
Functional Analysis, Banach spaces,
Approximation Theory.

34) Svetlozar T.Rachev
Chair of Econometrics,Statistics
and Mathematical Finance
School of Economics and 
Business Engineering
University of Karlsruhe
Kollegium am Schloss, Bau II,20.12, R210
Postfach 6980, D-76128, 
Tel  +49-721-608-7535,
Fax +49-721-608-3811
Second Affiliation:
Dept.of Statistics and Applied Probability
University of California at Santa Barbara
Probability,Stochastic Processes and 
Statistics,Financial Mathematics,
Mathematical Economics.

35) Paolo Emilio Ricci
Department of Mathematics
Rome University "La Sapienza"
P.le A.Moro,2-00185
Tel ++3906-49913201 office
   ++3906-87136448 home
Fax ++3906-44701007
Special Functions, Integral and Discrete 
Transforms, Symbolic and Umbral Calculus,
ODE, PDE,Asymptotics, Quadrature,
Matrix Analysis.

36) Silvia Romanelli
Dipartimento di Matematica
Universita' di Bari
Via E.Orabona 4
70125 Bari, ITALY.
Tel (INT 0039)-080-544-2668 office
           080-524-4476 home
           340-6644186 mobile
Fax  -080-596-3612 Dept.
PDEs and Applications to Biology and 
Finance, Semigroups of Operators.

37) Boris Shekhtman
Department of Mathematics
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL 33620,USA
Tel  813-974-9710
Approximation Theory, Banach spaces,
Classical Analysis.

38) Rudolf Stens
Lehrstuhl A fur Mathematik
RWTH Aachen
52056 Aachen
Tel  ++49 241 8094532
Fax ++49 241 8092212
Approximation Theory, Fourier Analysis,
Harmonic Analysis, Sampling Theory.

39) Juan J.Trujillo
University of La Laguna
Departamento de Analisis Matematico
C/Astr.Fco.Sanchez s/n
Tel/Fax 34-922-318209
Fractional: Differential Equations-Operators-
Fourier Transforms, Special functions,
Approximations,and Applications.

40)  Tamaz Vashakmadze
I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics
Tbilisi State University, 
2 University St. , 380043,Tbilisi, 43,
Tel (+99532) 30 30 40 office
   (+99532) 30 47 84 office
   (+99532) 23 09 18 home
Applied Functional Analysis, Numerical 
Analysis, Splines, Solid Mechanics.

41) Ram Verma
International Publications
5066 Jamieson Drive, Suite B-9,
Toledo, Ohio 43613,USA.
Applied Nonlinear Analysis, Numerical 
Analysis, Variational Inequalities, 
Optimization Theory, Computational 
Mathematics, Operator Theory.

42) Gianluca Vinti
Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Universita di Perugia
Via Vanvitelli 1
06123 Perugia
Tel +39(0) 75 585 3822,
   +39(0) 75 585 5032
Fax +39 (0) 75 585 3822
Integral Operators, Function Spaces,
Approximation Theory, Signal Analysis.

43) Ursula Westphal
Institut Fuer Mathematik B
Universitaet Hannover
Welfengarten 1
30167 Hannover,GERMANY
Tel (+49) 511 762 3225
Fax (+49) 511 762 3518
Semigroups and Groups of Operators,
Functional Calculus, Fractional Calculus,
Abstract and Classical Approximation 
Theory, Interpolation of Normed spaces.

44) Ronald R.Yager
Machine Intelligence Institute
Iona College
New Rochelle,NY 10801,USA
Tel (212) 249-2047
Fax(212) 249-1689
Fuzzy Mathematics, Neural Networks, Reasoning,
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science.

45) Richard A. Zalik
Department of Mathematics
Auburn University
Auburn University,AL 36849-5310
Tel 334-844-6557 office
      678-642-8703 home
Fax 334-844-6555
Approximation Theory,Chebychev Systems,
Wavelet Theory.

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