Editorial Board
Associate Editors

 1) George A. Anastassiou
    Department of Mathematical Sciences
    The University of Memphis
    Memphis,TN 38152,U.S.A
    e-mail: ganastss@memphis.edu
    Approximation Theory,Real Analysis,
    Wavelets, Neural Networks,Probability,

  2) J. Marshall Ash
   Department of Mathematics
   De Paul University
   2219 North Kenmore Ave.
   Chicago,IL 60614-3504
   e-mail: mash@math.depaul.edu
   Real and Harmonic Analysis
  3) Mark J.Balas
   Department Head and Professor
   Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
   College of Engineering
   University of Wyoming
   1000 E. University Ave.
   Laramie, WY  82071
   e-mail: mbalas@uwyo.edu
   Control Theory,Nonlinear Systems,
   Neural Networks,Ordinary and 
   Partial Differential Equations,
   Functional Analysis and Operator Theory

   4) Carlo Bardaro
   Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
   Universita di Perugia
   Via Vanvitelli 1
   06123 Perugia, ITALY
   E-mail bardaro@unipg.it
   Web site: http://www.unipg.it/~bardaro/
   Functional Analysis and Approximation Theory,
   Signal Analysis, Measure Theory, Real Analysis.

   5) Martin Bohner
   Department of Mathematics and Statistics
   Missouri S&T
   Rolla, MO 65409-0020, USA
   Difference equations, differential equations,
  dynamic equations on time scale, applications
   in economics, finance, biology.

  6) Jerry L.Bona
    Department of Mathematics
    The University of Illinois at Chicago
    851 S. Morgan St. CS 249
    Chicago, IL 60601
    Partial Differential Equations,
    Fluid Dynamics
  7) Luis A.Caffarelli
    Department of Mathematics
    The University of Texas at Austin
    Austin,Texas 78712-1082
    e-mail: caffarel@math.utexas.edu
    Partial Differential Equations
  8) George Cybenko
    Thayer School of Engineering
    Dartmouth College
    8000 Cummings Hall,
    Hanover,NH 03755-8000
    603-646-3843 (X 3546 Secr.)
    e-mail: george.cybenko@dartmouth.edu
    Approximation Theory and Neural Networks
  9) Ding-Xuan Zhou
    Department Of Mathematics
    City University of Hong Kong
    83 Tat Chee Avenue
    Kowloon,Hong Kong
    852-2788 9708,Fax:852-2788 8561
    e-mail: mazhou@math.cityu.edu.hk
    Approximation Theory,
    Spline functions,Wavelets

  10) Sever S.Dragomir
   School of Computer Science and 
   Mathematics, Victoria University,
   PO Box 14428,
   Melbourne City,
   Tel.  +61 3 9688 4437
   Fax  +61 3 9688 4050
   Inequalities,Functional Analysis,
   Numerical Analysis, Approximations,
   Information Theory, Stochastics.

  11) Saber N.Elaydi
    Department Of Mathematics
    Trinity University
    715 Stadium Dr.
    San Antonio,TX 78212-7200
    e-mail: selaydi@trinity.edu
    Ordinary Differential Equations,
    Difference Equations
  12) Augustine O.Esogbue
    School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Atlanta,GA 30332
    e-mail: augustine.esogbue@isye.gatech.edu
    Control Theory,Fuzzy sets,
    Mathematical Programming,
    Dynamic Programming,Optimization
  13) Christodoulos A.Floudas
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    Princeton University
    Princeton,NJ 08544-5263
    609-258-4595(x4619 assistant)
    e-mail: floudas@titan.princeton.edu
    Global Optimization
  14) J.A.Goldstein
    Department of Mathematical Sciences
    The University of Memphis
    Memphis,TN 38152
    Partial Differential Equations,
    Semigroups of Operators
  15) H.H.Gonska
    Department of Mathematics
    University of Duisburg
    Duisburg, D-47048
    Approximation Theory,
    Computer Aided Geometric Design

  16) John R. Graef
    Department of Mathematics
    University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
    Chattanooga, TN 37304 USA
    Ordinary and functional differential equations, 
    difference equations, impulsive systems, 
    differential inclusions, dynamic equations 
    on time scales , control theory and their applications

  17) Weimin Han
    Department of Mathematics
    University of Iowa
    Iowa City, IA 52242-1419
    e-mail: whan@math.uiowa.edu
    Numerical analysis, Finite element method,
    Numerical PDE, Variational inequalities,
    Computational mechanics

  18) Christian Houdre
   School of Mathematics
   Georgia Institute of Technology
   Atlanta,Georgia 30332
   e-mail: houdre@math.gatech.edu

  19) V. Lakshmikantham
   Department of Mathematical Sciences
   Florida Institute of Technology
   Melbourne, FL 32901
   e-mail: lakshmik@fit.edu
   Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, 
   Hybrid Systems, Nonlinear Analysis

 20) Burkhard Lenze
   Fachbereich Informatik
   Fachhochschule Dortmund
   University of Applied Sciences
   Postfach 105018
   D-44047 Dortmund, Germany
   e-mail: lenze@fh-dortmund.de
   Real Networks,
   Fourier Analysis,Approximation Theory
 21) Hrushikesh N.Mhaskar
 Department Of Mathematics
 California State University
 Los Angeles,CA 90032
 e-mail: hmhaska@calstatela.edu
 Orthogonal Polynomials,
 Approximation Theory,Splines,
 Wavelets, Neural Networks
 22) M.Zuhair Nashed
 Department Of Mathematics
 University of Central Florida
 PO Box 161364
 Orlando, FL  32816-1364
 e-mail: znashed@mail.ucf.edu
 Inverse and Ill-Posed problems,
 Numerical Functional Analysis,
 Integral Equations,Optimization,
 Signal Analysis
 23) Mubenga N.Nkashama
 Department OF Mathematics
 University of Alabama at Birmingham
 Birmingham,AL 35294-1170
 e-mail: nkashama@math.uab.edu
 Ordinary Differential Equations,
 Partial Differential Equations
 24) Charles E.M.Pearce
 Applied Mathematics Department
 University of Adelaide
 Adelaide 5005, Australia
 e-mail: cpearce@maths.adelaide.edu.au
 Stochastic Processes,ProbabilityTheory,
 Harmonic Analysis,Measure Theory,
 Special Functions,Inequalities

 25) Svetlozar T.Rachev
 Department of Statistics and 
                  Applied Probability 
 University of California at Santa Barbara,
 Santa Barbara,CA 93106-3110
 e-mail: rachev@pstat.ucsb.edu
 Chair of Econometrics,Statistics
 and Mathematical Finance
 School of Economics and 
 Business Engineering
 University of Karlsruhe
 Kollegium am Schloss, Bau II,20.12, R210
 Postfach 6980, D-76128, 
 Tel  +49-721-608-7535,
 Fax +49-721-608-3811
 Probability,Stochastic Processes and 
 Statistics,Financial Mathematics,
 Mathematical Economics.

 26) Alexander G. Ramm
 Mathematics Department 
 Kansas State University
 Manhattan, KS 66506-2602
 e-mail: ramm@math.ksu.edu 
 Inverse and Ill-posed  Problems, Scattering
 Theory, Operator Theory, Theoretical Numerical
 Analysis, Wave Propagation, Signal Processing and
 27) Ervin Y.Rodin
 Department of Systems Science and 
               Applied Mathematics
 Washington University,Campus Box 1040
 One Brookings Dr.,St.Louis,MO 63130-4899
 e-mail: rodin@rodin.wustl.edu
 Systems Theory,  Semantic Control,
 Partial Differential Equations,
 Calculus of Variations,Optimization and 
 Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research,

 28) T. E. Simos
 Department of Computer
 Science and Technology
 Faculty of Sciences and Technology
 University of Peloponnese
 GR-221 00 Tripolis, Greece
 Postal Address:
 26 Menelaou St.
 Anfithea - Paleon Faliron
 GR-175 64 Athens, Greece
 Numerical Analysis

 29) I. P. Stavroulakis
 Department of Mathematics
 University of Ioannina
 451-10 Ioannina, Greece
 Differential Equations
Phone  +3 0651098283

 30) Manfred Tasche
 Department of Mathematics
 University of Rostock
 D-18051 Rostock,Germany
 Numerical Fourier Analysis,FourierAnalysis,
 Harmonic Analysis,Signal Analysis,  
 Spectral Methods,Wavelets,Splines,
 Approximation Theory
 31) Gilbert G.Walter
 Department Of Mathematical Sciences
 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,Box 413,
 Milwaukee,WI 53201-0413
 e-mail: ggw@csd.uwm.edu
 Distribution Functions,GeneralisedFunctions,
 32) Halbert White
 Department of Economics
 University of California at San Diego
 La Jolla,CA 92093-0508
 e-mail: hwhite@econ.ucsd.edu
 Econometric Theory,Approximation Theory,
 Neural Networks
 33) Xin-long Zhou
 Fachbereich Mathematik,FachgebietInformatik
 Gerhard-Mercator-Universitat Duisburg
 Lotharstr.65,D-47048 Duisburg,Germany
 Fourier Analysis,Computer-Aided 
 Geometric Design, ComputationalComplexity,
 Multivariate Approximation Theory, 
 Approximation and Interpolation Theory
 34) Xiang Ming Yu
 Department of Mathematical Sciences
 Southwest Missouri State University
 Springfield,MO 65804-0094
 e-mail: xmy944f@missouristate.edu
 Classical Approximation Theory,Wavelets
 35) Lotfi A. Zadeh
 Professor  in the Graduate School and Director, 
 Computer Initiative, Soft Computing (BISC)
 Computer Science Division
 University of California at Berkeley
 Berkeley, CA 94720
 Office: 510-642-4959
 Sec:     510-642-8271
 Home: 510-526-2569
 FAX:  510-642-1712
 e-mail: zadeh@cs.berkeley.edu
 Fuzzyness, Artificial Intelligence, 
 Natural language processing, Fuzzy logic

 36) Ahmed I. Zayed
 Department Of Mathematical Sciences
 DePaul University
 2320 N. Kenmore Ave.
 Chicago, IL 60614-3250
 e-mail: azayed@condor.depaul.edu
 Shannon sampling theory, Harmonic analysis 
 and wavelets, Special functions and orthogonal
 polynomials, Integral transforms

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