Table of Contents
Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications
Volume 2, No.l.
  A quartely international publication of KLUWER/PLENUM Publishing Corporation.
Editor in Chief: George Anastassiou

Department of Mathematical Sciences,
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152, U.S.A.

  Table of Contents:

  1)"Degree of Approximation to Functions in a Normed Space", M.L.Mittal and B.E.Rhoades
  2)"The e-regularized Mean Curvature Flow in one dimension Space", Dumont Yves
  3)"Density and Approximation properties of Markov Systems", A.L.Gonzalez and R.A.Zalik
  4)"Truncation Error on Wavelet Sampling Expansions", N.Atreas and C.Karanikas
  5)"Global Behavior of Rational Sequences involving piecewise Power Function", R.M.Abu-Sarris

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