Table of Contents
Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications
Volume 2, No. 2.
  A quartely international publication of KLUWER/PLENUM Publishing Corporation.
Editor in Chief: George Anastassiou

Department of Mathematical Sciences,
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152, U.S.A.

  Table of Contents:

  1)"Lanczos-Like s-Factors for Reducing the Gibbs Phenomenon in general Orthogonal Expansions and other Representations", A. J. Jerri, . . . . 111
  2)"Weighted convergence of Lagrange interpolation based on Gauss-Kronrod nodes", S. Enrich and G. Mastroianna, . . . . 129
  3)"Lebesgue constants for an Orthogonal Polynomial Schauder basis ", R. Girgensohn and J. Prestin, . . . . 159
  4)"Simultaneous preservation of orthogonality of polynomials by linear operators arising from dilation of orthogonal polynomial systems", F. Filbir, R. Girgensohn, A. Saxena, A. I. Singh and R. Szwarc, . . . . 177 C.Karanikas

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