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Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications
Volume 4, No.2.
  A quartely international publication of KLUWER/PLENUM Publishing Corporation.
Editor in Chief: George Anastassiou

Department of Mathematical Sciences,
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152, U.S.A.

  Table of Contents:

  1)"Vibrations of elastic strings:Mathematical aspects,Part One", L.A.Medeiros,J.Limaco and S.B.Menezes, ....,91
  2)"A class of iterative algorithms and solvability of nonlinear variational inequalities involving multivalued mappings", Ram U.Verma,....,129
  3)"On the convergence of Newton-Like methods based on M-Frechet differentiable operators and applications in radiative transfer" , Ioannis K.Argyros ,....,141
  4)"Another Gruss type inequality for sequences of vectors in normed linear spaces and applications", S.S.Dragomir,....,155
  Book Reviews
  5)George A.Anastassiou and Sorin G.Gal monograph "Approximation Theory. Moduli of continuity and global smoothness preservation", reviewer Heinz H.Gonska, ....,173
  6)N.Limnios and G.Oprisan monograph "Semi-Markov Processes and Reliability", reviewer George A Anastassiou,....,175

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