Math 1830-005 Elementary Calculus Spring 2009

Class: Dunn Hall 351,  TR 8:00am-9:25am
Instructor: Paul Balister
Office: Dunn Hall 345,  Tel: 678-3138
Office Hours: Tuesday 9:30am-11:00am (or by appointment)

Calculus and Its Applications (9th ed.) by Marvin L. Bittinger, Pearson (Addison/Wesley) 2008, with MyMathLab Student Access Kit (comes free with new textbooks, or can be bought separately).


We shall be using the MyMathLab web-based testing system for homework and at least some of the tests. For this you will need the MyMathLab Student Access Kit, a valid e-mail account, and the course ID, which is balister73211. The course name is "Elementary Calculus, MATH 1830-005". You will then need to register at


The TI-83 calculator will be used in this course. Other graphing calculators may be used, but it is your responsibility to know how to use it. You may not use a CAS (computer algebra system) calculator, e.g., TI-89, TI-92, HP-48GX, etc.

Tutoring: Math Learning Center, Dunn Hall 143, Tel: (901) 678-2704.
This is a free, walk-in, tutoring service. Hours: M-Th 8am to 9pm, and Friday 8am to 2pm.

(3 credit hours) Introduction to concepts and methods of elementary calculus of one real variable as related to rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions; differentiation, nature of integration, definite integrals, and applications of derivatives and definite integrals. Note: Only one of MATH 1830 and MATH 1910 may be used to satisfy degree requirments. Prerequisite: MATH 1710 (College Algebra).


Students will be required to demonstrate proficiency in analytic and graphical techniques of both differential and integral calculus, and be required to demonstrate the ability to model and solve real-world problems using calculus techniques.


Grades will be based on regular MyMathLab homeworks (about one per week), three in-class tests, and the final. Make-up tests will only be given in exceptional circumstances, and even then, only if prior notice is given. Your lowest test score and lowest two MyMathLab assignments will be dropped.

Best 2 in-class tests + Bonus quiz  120
Best 8 Homework Assignments  100
Comprehensive Final100


On the Test 3 papers I have put your score so far. The total is written as x+y where x is the best 2 tests plus quiz, and y is the best 8 MyMathLab homework scores scaled to be out of 100. You will need to add the score on the final (out of 100) to get the total score for the course. The grade is then given by the table below.

Note: All deadlines for MyMathLab have been extended to May 7, however any increase in score after the original deadline only counts 80% towards the total score.

Grading scale:
A 256-271B 208-223C 160-175D 112-127
A-240-255B-192-207C-144-159F   0-111
TuesdaysSections ThursdaysSectionsMyMathLab
    January 15 R.1  
January 20 R.2-R.3January 22 R.4-R.5  
January 27 R.6-1.1January 29 1.2-1.3 Assignment 1
February 3 1.4-1.5February 5 1.6 Assignment 2
February 10Review February 12 Test 1Assignment 3
February 171.7-1.8February 19 2.1 Assignment 4
February 242.2-2.3February 26 2.4-2.5 Assignment 5
March 3 2.6-2.7March 5 Review Assignment 6
March 10 Break March 12 Break 
March 17 Test 2March 193.1 Assignment 7
March 24 3.2-3.3March 26 3.4-3.5 Assignment 8
March 31 3.6 April 2 4.1-4.2 Assignment 9
April 7 4.3-4.4April 9 4.5-4.6 Assignment 10
April 14 4.7-5.1April 16 5.2 Assignment 11
April 21 Review April 23 Test 3 
April 28 Review April 30 Study day  

Final Exam: May 5, Tuesday, 8:00am.

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