Math 7281-001 Linear Algebra for Teachers Fall 2007

Class: Dunn Hall 201,  TR 3:50-5:15pm
Instructor: Paul Balister
Office: Dunn Hall 345,  Tel: 678-3138
Office Hours:By appointment

Linear Algebra - A Modern Introduction
David Poole, ISBN 0-534-34174-8.


MATH 7281. Linear Algebra for Teachers (3 hours). Euclidean n-space; vector spaces; subspaces; linear independence and bases; linear transformations; matrices; systems of linear conditions; characteristic values and vectors of linear transformations.

Homework assignments 50%
Midterm exam 25%
Final Exam 25%

Plus/minus grades may be used.

Grading scale to be determined.

Exam Dates:
Mid term exam Thursday, October 18.
Final Exam   Tuesday, December 11, at 3:50pm (?).

Homework 1 Due September 20
Homework 2 Due October 11
Homework 3 Due November 6
Homework 4 Due November 20
Test Example Questions 1  
Test Example Questions 2  

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