Math 7411 Point Set Topology Spring 2008

Class: Dunn Hall 245,  TR 9:40am-11:05am
Instructor: Paul Balister
Office: Dunn Hall 345,  Tel: 678-3138
Office Hours: Friday 1:30pm-2:30pm (or by appointment)
Prerequisites: Math 6411.
Textbook: Topology, 2nd Ed. J.R. Munkres.
Notes: Set Theory and Logic (pdf).
Topology (pdf, not complete).
Material: An axiomatic approach to compactness, separability, connnectedness, metrizability and other topological properties.
Grades: Based on homework assignments (~55%), two take-home exams (~15%), and comprehensive, in class, final (~30%).
Plus/Minus grades: I will use these.
Final Exam: Tuesday April 29, 10:30am.

Homework 1 (pdf) Due January 24
Homework 2 (pdf) Due February 5

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